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Navigating a NEW City

Wasss up! Wass good, beautiful people?

CHEERS to my first blog of the year! This topic has been heavy on my mind so I wanted to share. Hopefully it will encourage those reading and spark inspiration.

Navigating a new city can be challenging for obvious reasons. You have to learn your way around, find the nearest grocery stores and gas stations, make new friends, sometimes become accustomed to different climates, and just adjust to a new standard of living.

The list of challenges is never-ending when you think about it, but I'll spare you guys.

The end of April will mark a total of SIX months since I packed up my entire life and relocated to Indianapolis, Indiana. My hometown is North Little Rock, Arkansas for those who aren't familiar with my background. You can imagine the reaction I get from people when they learn that I am from the South (I'm pretty decent at masking my accent, sometimes) My first Reporting job was in Arkansas, along with a lot of the freelance work I had the opportunity of doing while still in college. So, needless to say, this has all been an adjustment. In this industry moving around is just what we do! It's an on going occurrence until you reach a point in your career where you've landed in your dream TV market, secured a greater than great gig, or sign a contract no other entity can match! I dream of living and working in big cities like Los Angeles or Atlanta. The places where entertainment and lifestyle content are widely accepted and embraced. Those are also top markets, Indy is Top 30. Almost there, ya'll.

But in the mean time... I am working on things like PATIENCE, FAITH and TRUST in God. Tending to the work has he appointed me in this season (and it ain't easy lol)

Being miles away from family, friends and normalcy is far from easy! But in most cases, CHANGE is an extremely important experience we all, at some point, should swallow and explore. New career opportunities are a blessing, too! And despite what challenges they can bring (and boy, have I had some challenges lately) it's up to you to make the opportunity work for you, while never losing site of the reason you transitioned in the first place. Your future isn't defined by your current situation, but your tomorrow is defined by what you do today.

So hustle up! Turbulence is the price you pay for flying high!

Truth is... I'm still learning my new city. And I have come to the realization that I may never truly fall in love with it. And that's ok. I'm not crazy about the weather. I hate the potholes and despise the road/highway conditions. I'd also prefer if it were closer to an ocean, but that's neither here nor there! Is Indiana a place I always imagined living? Nope. But it's creating in me experience and STRENGTH I need to continue climbing higher. Dreaming bigger.

This a letter to all my transplants out there. You're not alone. I, too, am navigating all new everything. Will it get easier? Who knows? But will the leap be worth it, probably so.

Keep striving.


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