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#NABJ18: Motor City Takeover!

It's here! It's here! It's finally here! I’m officially settled in at my hotel in Detroit, Michigan for the #NABJ18 Convention and Career Fair. My heart is full. My mood is LIT! The gathering hasn't been in the area since 1992.

From what I know so far, The National Association of Black Journalists yearly conference is pretty much a big family reunion for the countries best, most influential and promising Journalists! This is my FIRST year to attend. My eyes are definitely wide and I'm doing my best to take in all the possibilities, as I don't want to miss any gems or blessings.

Learn more about the organization, https://www.nabj.org/

Story time: On my plane ride here, I sat next to a woman from Ann Arbor, Michigan. We chatted the entire ride! She's an Educator, like my Mom. Like many people in my family. Our conversation spanned everything from A to Z. Personal and professional highs. But also, personal and professional lows. That, to me, is the best part about our encounter. I am a firm believer in sharing more than just the "highlight reel" of your life. You never know who you might influence or encourage by just being real. See what I did there? I explained to her what I do for a living and why I was headed to the Motor City. She comforted me. Nothing happens by coincidence.

The week ahead is packed with endless learning, career development sessions and networking opportunities. There's also plenty of entertainment. Plus I hear there's pretty good food all around the city. I refuse to leave town without eating a coney from Coney Island and slice of deep-dish pizza from Buddy's Pizza (recommendations of the #letseatNABJ thread on Twitter)

Side note: I haven't blogged in so long. My fingers could keep going but I won't keep you. Writing has always been therapeutic and fun for me. I've been pretty MIA on all of my social platforms for personal reasons. I'll share life updates when the time is right.

DETROIT. LET'S DO THIS! Follow these hashtags on social media to see what about 3,000 people are up to this week. #NABJ18 #MeetMeInTheD #NABJ2018


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