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Destin, Florida Vaca!

I spent Spring Break this year in beautiful Destin, Florida! Now... I already know what you're thinking. NO I am no longer a student, but that doesn't mean I can't relish in the unresponsibility of a Spring Breaker! Let the good times roll!

Destin is filled with so much to do it's really impossible to do EVERYTHING in one trip. We were there for 4 days and 3 nights. That left time for a little tourist action, site seeing and an inevitable sun kissed tan. This time of the year offers great weather in the low 60's to high 70's. A little chilly in the morning and at night, so take a light jacket.

This time spent away was so needed and couldn't have come at a more perfect time. This city is great. I would even visit by myself! It's just that beautiful and relaxing.

If you love seafood, there's NO shortage of fresh food to choose from. I didn't get to delve in local cuisine much but plan to next time for sure. Pics below are of my time on the Sunset Dolphin Cruise! I let my hair ALL the way down haha (if you know what I mean lol).

In all honesty, I could have spent my entire time there on Henderson Beach viewing the gushing waters of the Gulf of Mexico. The pictures posted really don't do this body of water justice. There's something about the ocean that calms me, it's unexplainable. I feel closer to God, calm and at peace. Destin, baby... I'll be back!

Check out my list of recommendations for things to do when you're in town:

1. Beach it, duh!

2. Visit the Destin Harbor Board Walk

3. Go on a Dolphin Cruise... the Sunset option if possible. Talk about beautiful and a good time! The company we used provided free drinks and played great music!

4. Go bowling at Uncle Bucks Fish Bowl and Grill. Didn't get to this place, but the alley has an under water atmosphere.

5. The Track Destin. Didn't get here either as it's not open year round. Fun activities like go carts, miniature golf and an arcade!

NOTE: Some of the outside attractions in Destin are only open through certain months of the year, so check before planning.

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