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The In-Between Stage

Oh, Mondays. Aren't they the best? *crickets*..........


Just feel like sharing a little light and love to those who need it this week. At some point today in the midst of routine, I was able to slow down, regain perspective and shift my attitude. Doing so isn't always easy, but is always necessary!

Let's rewind. This morning I wanted so badly to blame my funky mood on Daylight Savings Time, losing an hour of sleep stressed me all kinds of out. But truth be told... I just wasn't feeling it. Didn't want to get out of bed. Didn't want to go to work, at all! I had no motivation to move and groove whatsoever. But I managed to get decently dress and out the door.

Did you know that by having a sour outlook and pour attitude you're only hurting yourself? I know that's no new discovery but we all need to be reminded of the little things. Walking around mad at the world, discontent with your circumstance or discouraged is no way to live and certainly won't propel you towards any true purpose. Relax and enjoy.

Purpose. That's a word I've been in search of for a few years now and I am confident that I will fulfill it, but not without hard work. That's where a lot of us fall short. We have grand dreams and enormous prayers, but our character and work ethic don't match those hopes at all. In order to be entrusted with a lot, you've first got to make the best (and most) out of your little. I say "your" little because we all have portions we wish were larger or different. I'm working everyday to make the best out of my portion. My right now. My today. God doesn't waste anything and the very thing you may detest is the very thing he wants to use to strengthen and change you. Preparation comes in disguise, many sizes and many different experiences.

Fun fact: I love to listen to sermons by a select few people on YouTube during the day when I desperately need a pick me up. When I need to be reconnected with peace and reminded of God's authority, his faithfulness, I'll pull up YouTube whether at my desk or in the car or in my bed.

The "in-between" stages of life can be the most uncomfortable and stressful, but are truly the most beneficial. If we didn't go through hardship, adversity or pain... we'd have nothing to genuinely be thankful for.

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*Courtesy, Pastor Kim Potheir


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