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It's Ya Birthday, It's Ya Birthday!

SPECIAL thank you to everyone who took the time to wish me a grand birthday! Whether you called, texted, or took time to write me on social media... YOU are appreciated!

Thanks to one of my best friends, I ended up having the most amazing birthday weekend ever and was surrounded by nothing but love. The trip we took was last minute, but worth every minute. And shout out to everyone I met while in town who helped show us a spectacular time.

Outfit details

Dress: Fashionova

Shoes: Aldo

I know some people feel a certain type of way about Fashion Nova and other popular Instagram boutiques, but they haven't let me down yet! The items I've purchased have been great quality for the price, super cute, and trendy.

Longer length midi dresses are really popular right now. I plan to get this dress in other colors as well. You can jazz it up or dress it down. I've seen it styled multiple ways and you can't go wrong! This dress is a must-have in your closet.

Now let's talk about these shoes. I feel in love instantly and had to get them! I am petite with small feet (size 6) and have a very slender foot. This boot is made of a thick stretchy material and fits my foot like a glove. Another must-have ladies!

Outfit details

Jumpsuit: American Apparel

Shoes: Fashionova

This gorgeous jumpsuit has been sitting in my closet since last year. Ridiculous I know! Just never had an occasion to wear it until now. This little number was definitely a head turner and I felt like a million bucks! Topped this outfit off with super oversized gold hoops and open toe heels for the perfect look! I think my long braids and red lip added a flare as well.

These shoes, on the other hand, are super cute but were a killer to walk in. You can't tell, but they are accented with black beads on the foot and ankle straps. The arch is super high, which I love, but something about them just turned me off a little.

Two great looks, both easy to recreate! Hashtag #BREathe on your social media so I can see you ladies SLAY!


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